The spiritual curriculum for the Age of Aquarius represents a radical shift from the past, offering us the opportunity to develop  Soul-Infused Consciousness at an accelerated pace. Those who embrace this opportunity are the leaders of the New Age. They are  the transformers who, in cooperation with those with whom they serve, solve the challenges of our time and create new evolutionary pathways in all walks of life. The Accelerators of Emerging Leadership quicken the development of the emerging Soul-Infused Leader.

This beautiful, full-color 52-page booklet features the article Soul-Infused Leadership written by La Vie de la Rose Founder and President Dr. Natalia Schotte with gorgeous photos from the Garden of Love at La Vie de la Rose. In this article, Dr. Schotte discusses the roots of the Sacred Feminine Path for Accelerated Spiritual Growth® and provides an in-depth exploration of the six Accelerators of Emerging Leadership..

Soul-Infused Leadership