Online Private Sessions

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With Dr. Nataleah Rose Schotte 

Master Healer and Intuitive

Dr. Nataleah offers women transformational online private sessions to support you to quicken your spiritual growth through a new paradigm of spiritual healing.


Each session begins with you sharing what is on your mind and in your heart…where life is flowing for you and where you feel challenged. Working with the Ascended Masters you engage in a process of self-discovery, exploration, healing, transformation and rejuvenation.


Your session will bring you into greater Soul contact and alignment, supporting you to move forward in your life more fully connected to your authentic power, heart center and higher purpose.

Session Length: 120 minutes

Session Cost: $375 USD


r. Nataleah's Work 

Dr. Nataleah has worked with the Ascended Masters for more than twenty years to develop unique and powerful philosophies and systems for spiritual healing.

“Spiritual Healing is the spiritual development process through which we erase the imprints of lack, pain, struggle, and suffering from our consciousness rooted in this and past incarnations and reflecting the ego/personality perception of separation from Soul/Source.”

~ Nataleah Rose Schotte, Ph.D.

Her systems represents the articulation of a new paradigm of spiritual growth for women, which is rooted in the Sacred heart of the Divine Feminine.

Read more about these systems:


oint of Origin Healing®

Point of Origin Healing® supports you to heal repetitive issues and/or relationship challenges that have their origins in your past lives. It targets the lifetime in which the issue or challenge most significantly imprinted in your consciousness. Rather than clearing all the past lives in which this repetition has occurred, you work with just this one lifetime. This streamlining of karmic resolution is highly efficient and allows for acceleration of consciousness at an unprecedented pace. 



he Aquarian Science of Triangles®

The Aquarian Science of Triangles® utilizes triangles created in the subtle energy system to activate patterns of higher consciousness and/or assist with the spiritual healing of antiquated patterns and perceptions. Dr. Nataleah has developed these triangles through decades of research and application. During your session, the most supportive triangle will be identified if it's applicable. Then, Dr. Nataleah will support you to activate the formation of the energetic triangle within the subtle energy system leading to its intended effect. 


piritual Science of the Evolution of Consciousness®

The Spiritual Science of the Evolution of Human Consciousness® provides spiritual activation processes for accelerated spiritual healing and development. This work occurs at the level of causation – the metaphysical level. When it's appropriate, a specific process will be utilized for your private session. Dr. Nataleah will support you to invoke the presence of a group of higher beings unique to each process. She will also facilitate each step of the activation process, assisting you to anchor and move through the spiritual activation these processes bring you in relation to your declaration.