The Revelations That Will Set You Free

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My Tantra practice was more than an hour-long today. During it, I broke through my current ring-pass-not. A ring-pass-not is the impenetrable boundary around our consciousness that represents the limits of our experience as determined by our Souls. This passage is a rare occurrence and the result of a great deal of spiritual work. I have been preparing for this since the start of the Nature year though only became aware of it on February 19th. I have been on such an accelerated trajectory this year, often working long days on my healing as I lead the way in this new healing paradigm for women. If you commit to this path that is now being revealed by the Ascended Masters, you will surely grow beyond the current container of your consciousness, too. 

I had to work hard for an orgasm today and actually got quite tired because of the difficulty of the energy work involved. With my orgasm, I experienced a painful revelation. I wanted to deny it. The Ascended Masters with whom I work said that acceptance of the revelation was required for me to anchor on the other side of this passage. The revelation, which I only received minutes ago, is that my mother knew about my father’s sexual abuse of me. The Ascended Masters told me that my mother actually caught my father touching my genitals when I was three. He promised never to do it again and she made a decision to let it go. From that point on she chose to deny what she knew to be true: my father was sexually abusing me. I am so sad about this, so sad. 

There may be many reasons she let it go. Perhaps she was sexually abused as a child and had developed a tolerance for the intolerable. I have often wondered, in addition to karma, what my mother's unconscious attraction was to my father. Perhaps she felt she had no choice because of her financial dependency on my father. When I was five, she told me it was important for me to be financially independent when I grew up so I would never have to be in her situation. In addition, she was attuned to this type of behavior in relation to me from a past life in which she was my father. In this past life, my mother died when I was 12 years old. Afterward, I became the surrogate spouse to my father (my current life mother), including having sex with him. 

Do you understand that patriarchy is a wound that both men and women share? It has been the socio-cultural model on Earth so long and we have all been men and women, victims and perpetrators, during this dark history. Patriarchy is a wound for us all to heal. We heal from the perspective of our gender and experience. For us as women, self-pleasuring is the key to our healing for many reasons; among them is the truth that our sexuality has been under the control of men for a long time. When we self-pleasure, we reclaim sovereignty over ourselves. We undo the wounded history of the Sacred Feminine on Earth.

Spring is the season of revelation and there are many revelations awaiting you. They may or may not be painful like mine today.  Whatever they may be, they will surely be liberating and most certainly will open you up to the full potential of this powerful Nature year. 

  1. Watch the video activation of the Aquarian Triangle for Spiritual Illumination™. This video was first made available on December 18, 2019. Even if you have viewed it previously, I recommend you do so again.

Watch Now

  1. This week (or for longer if you desire), take a couple of minutes once or twice a day and run the energies of the Aquarian Triangle for Spiritual Illumination™ to activate the revelations awaiting you. This technique is explained in the video.

  2. When you do Tantra this week, set an intention for your practice to support these revelations.

  3. Watch your dreams. Perhaps that is how your revelations will come to you.

Know: You are prepared for this spring's revelations. Remember: the truth shall set you free.

Wednesday Poem

All Love All Ways,

Dr. Nataleah Rose Schotte

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