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Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Wisdom Wednesday is a newsletter in which I am sharing my spiritual experience and expertise relevant to this Nature Year – the Year of Complete Surrender (September 23, 2019 – September 22, 2020).

Through this newsletter, I offer you support on your journey of Compete Surrender. This newsletter is also a companion to the Sacred Feminine Program for Accelerated Spiritual Growth®.

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As the Year of Complete Surrender draws to a close, I am deepening into surrender. Yesterday, I spent three hours awake in the middle of the night in distress and I had a tough time the night before. Trauma is like a ghost that invades our psyche at night. Its presence rouses us, and we are hyper-alert. Like many experiences in life, we can struggle or surrender. I surrendered last night, tuning into my guides, my Soul and Source. I bore witness to my emerging self: the gift of trauma recovery.

Over decades of personal healing and working as a spiritual counselor, I witnessed the changing nature of our healing process. As we mature spiritually, our healing process matures too.

For example, in 1997, after 11 years of life-changing therapy, I met my partner Jonathan. He had been a long-time student and facilitator of A Course in Miracles. He introduced me to the concept of the ego/personality and supported me to discern my ego/personality from my Soul. He challenged me when I was in denial and resistance. No one faces their ego/personality down without someone challenging them to do so.

In 2000, I started developing the Accelerated Spiritual Growth® Curriculum, bringing in new healing processes and the La Vie de la Rose® flower essences. In 2011, there was another significant shift. Working with two gifted professionals, I combined my experimental healing work with bodywork. The Ascended Masters were leading me to the new frontier of the human heart where accelerated Karmic resolution takes place. This work was painful, and I endured a great deal. I remember Jonathan challenging me about this. I said, “It’s the only way I know how to get this revolutionary work to Earth. Once it is is here, I will evolve it.” In time, I learned to do this work on myself and others without the bodyworkers. This year’s healing journey with Tantra, the new Aquarian Triangles, and more, was another milestone in the evolution of the accelerated healing path for me and the women who joined me.

My healing process has transformed again since late spring. The shift began with The Aquarian Triangle for the Inviolability of the Soul™. The pace of my healing seems to have slowed; yet, I suspect this is not true. Spiritual healing takes place in spiritual time. When we attempt to speed things up, we may end up fabricating or create unnecessary angst for ourselves. We can also be laissez faire, in which case we end up delaying the healing to which our Soul calls us. We are learning to balance patience, urgency and right timing in this new cycle of evolution.

Evolving how we heal is crucial to our Accelerated Spiritual Growth®. The only way we can do this is to let go of how we healed in the past and surrender to the unknown.

That’s what those of us in this program did this year and what our Souls are calling us to do again as the Nature year winds down. Surrender hasn’t always been easy for me,  yet today I am at peace with it. I have skipped a few Wisdom Wednesdays because I wasn’t in the raw place from which I had written most of the year.  Today, I am in no such place and I am writing anyway! I am choosing to value my self-expression from wherever I am within myself.

We are embracing a mighty task as spiritual seekers. We are attempting to transcend the ego/personality even as the ego/personality governs part of our consciousness. And, the ego/personality is attempting to thwart us at every turn. It fights for its survival as we work to bring about its demise.We don't know what we are doing, not really.We are all part of a grand experiment. That’s why surrender to the leadership of our Soul is critical. As we surrender to our Soul's leadership, we become the leaders of humanity: the way-showers of a new evolutionary path to higher consciousness and a more humane and progressive society. 

Contemplate how your healing process has transformed during the Year of Complete Surrender and how it is shifting now.

Examine how your ego/personality is resisting the shifts underway. For assistance, call upon the Ascended Masters who overlight this program. Ask them to highlight where and/or how your ego/personality is impeding your transition into the next form of your spiritual healing.

Tantra is a potent process for spiritual surrender. Tantra takes us out of our head and our ego/personality into our heart and our Soul. Do your Tantra practice this week intending to surrender. Journal about your experience.

Wednesday Poem

All Love All Ways,

Dr. Nataleah Rose Schotte

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