The Aquarian Triangle for Soulful Independence

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In the last Wisdom Wednesday, I wrote that on February 22nd I had begun a new level of healing work on my experience of being attacked by the Scarborough rapist when I was 10. I mentioned there were three past lives underlying the attack that I would heal in due course. All three past lives have been revealed since then and I have done healing work on all of them, though I am not yet complete. Each of these past lives has been activated for healing by a process from one of my bodies of work - the Aquarian Science of Triangles®. The last of the three lifetimes was activated by the Aquarian Triangle for Soulful Independence™, which I brought through this past weekend and am excited to offering you today. 

We are called to expand spiritually this spring and to externalize this expansion in our lives in spite of what is happening in the outer world. The release of this new Aquarian Triangle™ is perfectly timed by the Ascended Masters to support us to overcome the fears that are being triggered by COVID-19 and its effects on our lives so we can find/maintain the independence of our Souls now and in the future. 

The Ascended Masters knew at the Autumnal Equinox that the challenge of COVID-19 was pending. The spiritual blueprints created for each of us at that time include provisions for this situation, i.e., support for the healing that would be triggered and a plan for the continued externalization of our Souls in this Nature year. The Year of Complete Surrender requires a deeper level of surrender to both our Souls and the Ascended Masters so we can orchestrate our way through this challenging time. The surrender to which we are called is internal - it is not about acquiescence to a fate beyond our control. As spiritual aspirants, with the support of the Ascended Masters, we can emerge spiritually triumphant at the end of this Nature year and beyond. The Aquarian Triangle for Soulful Independence™ is a powerful activation to support us to clear the fear we are experiencing. It also opens us to the unlimited possibilities that exist in spiritual reality and can be translated from the non-linear plane of existence into our lives. 

I have watched myself intermittently project the fears from the three past lives I am healing onto the present in light of the consequences of COVID-19. I have consciously reminded myself that fear is always rooted in the past. I have intentionally withdrawn my projections of the past onto the present and dealt with the fears at their source. I asked the Ascended Masters how we could assist others to do the same and was thrilled to receive this new Aquarian Triangle™. 

The overall effect of this new Aquarian Triangle™ will be to enable us to transcend the fears that limit our ability to perceive, access and externalize the options to address our challenges and expand our lives.

In each of my past lives with the Scarborough rapist, I felt I had no options.


Our inability to perceive the options that cultivate Soulful Independence is borne of our experiences of being dependent on people who embody the wounded masculine or patriarchal systems. For example, in one of my past lives with the Scarborough rapist, I stayed in our marriage even as he flaunted his promiscuity because I was financially dependent upon him. We have all had experiences of emotional and financial dependency throughout history. The new Aquarian Triangle addresses the underlying dynamic of dependency within our psyches. 

Experience the Aquarian Triangle for Soulful Independence™

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In your waking life, be aware of any fears you experience. Fear can be tricky. It can emerge as anger, anxiety, conflict, depression or worry. It can be reflected in the escalation of suppression patterns, e.g., doing too much; eating too much or eating the wrong foods; spending too much time on the internet or watching T.V.; shopping too much; using mind-altering substances such as alcohol or drugs. Also, pay attention to fear that is expressed in dream time. Journal about your dreams because some of what you experience will be past life revelations.  The video will introduce you to two applications for the Aquarian Triangle for Soulful Independence™. The first one supports you to heal fears when you become aware of them. The second one supports you to find solutions that support Soulful independence in relation to specific situations. I encourage you to practice these techniques this week.

Find something expansive to do every day. Anytime you feel yourself contracting, challenge yourself to think of something to break through the contraction, including using the new techniques from the video, doing Tantra, other spiritual practices or something creative, spending time in Nature, etc. 

Wednesday Poem

All Love All Ways,

Dr. Nataleah Rose Schotte

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