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Updated: Feb 20, 2020

Wisdom Wednesday is a newsletter in which I am sharing my spiritual experience and expertise relevant to this Nature Year – the Year of Complete Surrender (September 23, 2019 – September 22, 2020).

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I have surrendered to Tantra and its mysterious ways. Some days I am orgasmic and others I am not. The determining factor seems to be where I am in my healing process. I continue to experience an intricate connection between Tantra, healing, feeling and orgasm. Tantra is always bringing something up for me to heal or working to support its release.

This week, more levels of sexual shame emerged relating to two different experiences. One occurred in the summer between grades four and five. I experimented sexually with another young girl on several occasions and felt deep shame about it, having already been told by the parish priest that masturbating was a sin and would lead to hell. The second occurred when I was 24. I had a 14-month long extramarital affair with my boss who was also married. I was still a practicing Catholic at that time and was tormented by my behavior.

I have done healing work over the years on both these experiences. Daily Tantra is bringing me to a new level of healing. I am now in a steady process of healing one experience of sexual shame after another. Tantra is bringing up the feelings of shame and Tantra-generated orgasms are supporting me to release it at the level required for karmic liberation. 

I have spent a great deal of time as a professional counselor working with the Ascended Masters and Nature to create ways to support women to develop the depth of heart-centered feeling required to achieve karmic liberation. This level of feeling is new to humanity. To experience it, we have to overcome deep-rooted patterns of denial and suppression and breakthrough the body-armor that has developed as a result of lifetimes of trauma. 

I am convinced that daily Tantra is the revolutionary response of the Ascended Masters to women’s desire to accelerate their healing and the attainment of the liberation of their Souls.

Today, for the first time, the thought of a purified pussy came into my mind as I self-pleasured. What will it be like to have cleared the sexual shame that is at the root of my spiritual wound? What will my Tantra practice be like then? I felt a twinge of excitement knowing that I am on the path of purification more deeply than ever. 

I have had challenges to keeping my daily Tantra practice, as you can imagine. I have had days where the outer world was so taxing that the last thing I wanted to do was self-pleasure. Yet, I have been unwavering. Never have I been more committed to myself and my Soul. And no matter what space I am in when I begin my practice, I am always more authentically connected to myself at the end. Yesterday was one of those hard days. I felt deflated when I began my practice. As I did my practice, I started sobbing. Feelings of discouragement that arose earlier in the day found their expression. I had a powerful release and reconnected with the resiliency of my Soul. 

Tantra is a woman’s path to her heart And deep honoring of her Soul.

  1. Set the energy grid for Tantra.

  2. Call forth the Holy Priestess of your Soul. She is an expression of your Soul and reflects the untouched sanctity of your sexuality. 

  3. Imagine her kneeling beside you and placing one hand on your genitals and one on your heart center. 

  4. Feel her channelling healing energy with the intention of simplifying and expediting your journey of sexual purification. 

  5. Receive this healing energy for five minutes.

  6. Imagine that at the end of the purification ceremony, she gives you a rose.

  7. Do this meditation again whenever you feel drawn.

Wednesday Prayer

As I began to write a poem for today’s Wisdom Wednesday newsletter, I felt a block to my authentic voice emerging. When I explored the block, I discovered another level of sexual shame and my guidance team said that it was related to a specific aspect of the affair I worked with today in my Tantra practice, shame before God. I was guided to say Metatron Prayer for Increasing Light Quotient 18 times as an antidote to the feelings of shame I was experiencing. I wrote this prayer almost 20 years ago. It came through with the direction to say it seven times a day to support Ascension. It’s such a powerful prayer for raising our vibratory rate and it feels right to share it with you now.

Note: I used the word God in this prayer when I wrote it and I have never been guided to change it. For me, God is Source, i.e., the Divine energy from which all things emanate and to which they return.

All Love All Ways,

Dr. Nataleah

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