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Updated: Feb 20, 2020

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This week, I continued to work with the past life I wrote about in last week’s Wisdom Wednesday newsletter, using Tantra and the meditation with the Holy Priestess of my Soul as support. In this past life, I was a 15-year-old prostitute burnt at the stake as a witch as the result of an accusation of one of my client­s, a priest, seeking to protect his reputation. My current life father was the priest.  I just finished three hours of Tantra practice with the goal of accessing and healing the deeply buried feelings of hopelessness I carry from this experience. Three hours is a long time to do Tantra, yet the feelings of hopeless are so deeply buried that this amount of time was required to activate their release. I also did the meditation with the Holy Priestess of my Soul two times during my practice. Now, having just completed Tantra, I am in the feelings of hopelessness as I write. These feelings are borne of the belief that there is no God; a belief I formed as I was burning to death. According to the Ascended Masters with whom I work, the belief that there is no God is held deeply in the heart of every woman because of the persecution she has experienced as a woman throughout her incarnational history. This belief is the most debilitating effect of patriarchy on women because it separates us from our Sacred Self, the Soul. Undoubtedly, this belief is at the core of every woman’s spiritual wound. Therefore, healing our hidden atheism is key to our Ascension and the recovery of our latent spiritual potential.

I am writing now from the atheist within and giving her a voice.  As I come to the conclusion that there is no God, darkness descends upon me. I cannot see the sun though it is shining overhead. I feel such a sense of futility. I am overcome with depression. I feel empty inside and oh so hopeless. I cannot wait for death so I can escape this miserable existence. I feel alone, eternally alone. No one is here for me. No one cares. I am left to fend for myself.

As soon as I write the last word above, I hear,“Hidden atheism, born of persecution, is the spiritual root cause of women’s depression.” This is a message of great import from the Ascended Masters to women everywhere.  There is an epidemic of depression among women, so clearly addressing our hidden atheism is a priority. I experienced debilitating depression in my 20s and 30s and am unaware of being depressed currently. What if we as women actually don’t know what it is like to be depression-free? What if I only think I am no longer depressed and actually am? What if I just don’t recognize that I am at least slightly depressed or depressed now and again because I feel so much better than I ever have?

Tantra is clearly an antidote to women’s depression because it brings us to and through the layers of buried feelings in relation to our experiences of persecution that underly our depression. Massaging our clitorises, in particular, will lead us to our hidden heart. Even when we don’t orgasm, massaging our clitorises is working to shatter the blocks to feeling, and when we breakthrough, orgasm opens the floodgates of feeling. When we look at the world around us, we might wonder what we can do to change things for the better. Every woman has the power to do her part to overcome patriarchy. This power is the power to heal and the key to accessing this power is Tantra.If you haven’t yet joined me on this Tantra journey, consider doing so now. Imagine a world where women are self-pleasuring in support of their spiritual healing. Imagine a world of women healing. Imagine the wave of transformation we can catalyze. Let’s share this opportunity with every woman we know who we feel might resonate with it. Let us be the hope for the future by healing the hopelessness within our own hearts borne of our hidden atheism.

The Goddess Quan Yin is coming forward to support us to heal our hidden feelings of hopelessness. Quan Yin is the counterpart to Mother Mary in the East. She is known for her great compassion for human suffering.  Close your eyes and call forth the presence of Quan Yin. She is expecting your invocation of support.  With your inner vision (third eye) see an image of Quan Yin or sense her gentle presence as she comes forward to support you.  Gaze into Quan Yin’s eyes and through her eyes make contact with her Soul. Commune with her Soul for a while.  After a few minutes, your hidden self will emerge in the effulgence of Quan Yin’s Soul. Your heart of darkness will be revealed in the light of this great Goddess even if you are not aware of it happening in the moment. Quan Yin now gives you a pink crystal heart infused with her healing energy. She instructs you to place this crystal heart on your heart center. Allow the crystal to draw forth, absorb and transmute the hopelessness within your heart center. End the session when you feel complete. Use the crystal heart from Quan Yin whenever you would like. It’s yours to keep.

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All Love All Ways,

Dr. Nataleah

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