Reaching the Girls Within

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I spent the weekend immersed in my 15-year old heart, working with the trauma of realizing that my mother was complicit in my father’s sexual abuse of me: eight hours on Saturday and six hours so far on this Easter Sunday. These are long days, and they have been absolutely necessary. The feelings of this part of me are so deeply buried and the work of breaking through the layers of repression arduous. When I break through, the sounds of my anger and sorrow are harrowing. These are the sounds of an abused and abandoned child. When I hear myself, I think of a freezing cold winter night in Toronto long ago. Some neighbors a few doors down the street from my apartment intentionally left their dog out all night. I will always remember the cries of this abused dog. This memory comes to mind because I can relate to that dog. I ask myself now why I didn’t do something then. I imagine I felt too powerless myself at the time to stand up for the dog.

It may or may not be hard for you to believe that somewhere deep inside of you, there are lost parts of you waiting to be rescued. Because my story is so extreme, you might think I am unique. Yet, I know with full certainty that this is the human condition and that we as women are being called at this time to go on rescue missions on behalf of our Souls.

When you hear the cries of the girl within, feel her desperation, experience her devastation, you realize that saving her is an urgent matter. We often don’t recognize this urgency because her cries are so buried.Listen to the cries of the girl within you. You are the only one who can save her. She is waiting for you. She is counting on you.

I believe that as we heal the girl within us, we are creating an energetic grid for girls everywhere to become empowered; for girls to learn to speak up rather than stay silent. Can you imagine a more important work for us to do?

My daily Tantra practice has been at the heart of my healing since the Autumnal Equinox. It has taken me to a place within me that nothing else during the past 34 years of healing has been able to do. According to the Ascended Masters, Tantra is the only practice for women that can take us deeply through the many layers of repression to the core feelings of the lost self. It takes so much patience to do this work; so many hours of laborious Tantra, no pleasure and seemingly no movement either. So many hours of just waiting. So many times of extreme discomfort. Isn't she worth it? Aren't you worth it?

Take Tantra at your own pace. And be gentle with yourself. Even if you are orgasmic now, when you hit the layers of repression, you won’t be. Yet, the practice itself is activational. It breaks through repression in time. We know when we have had a breakthrough because when we do our hidden feelings emerge spontaneously. So, act with urgency and honor your own timing. You might also consider getting professional support so you have a skilled person to work with as you process your feelings and revelations.

I believe I am healing the heart of the Sacred Feminine. When you do this work, you are too. If enough of us do it, I believe we will change the spiritual DNA of the feminine on Earth by lifting the legacy of patriarchy from our collective female heart.

The girl within has to know you are committed to her before she will reveal herself to you. You have to demonstrate that commitment before she’ll trust you.

Write a letter to the girl within. Tell her that you know she is there.

If you are ready, let her know you are committed to coming for her.

If you are not ready, tell her you are working on it.

Make a point – every day - of consciously connecting with her. If you are doing Tantra, you can let her know that your practice is for her. Otherwise, you can just talk to her. It will take time before she responds. Be patient with her.

Comfort her whenever you think of her because she is in so much pain.

Wednesday Poem

I have no words for the cries of pain that came from my core as the girl within wrote this poem over the course of the last hour and a half. 


Dr. Nataleah

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