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Wisdom Wednesday is a newsletter in which I am sharing my spiritual experience and expertise relevant to this Nature Year – the Year of Complete Surrender (September 23, 2019 – September 22, 2020).

Through this newsletter, I offer you support on your journey of Compete Surrender. This newsletter is also a companion to the Sacred Feminine Program for Accelerated Spiritual Growth®.

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On May 23rd, I started phase three of this year’s Tantra journey. I feel closure with my past and I am not aware of any trauma in my consciousness. Since my entire life has been a story of trauma and trauma recovery, this is a bit disconcerting. It seems the spiritual growth work of phase three will have a different focus than the prior two phases and the rest of my life to date. I ask myself, “What is an inner life without trauma?” The answer, “An exploration of the emancipated spiritual heart.”

I am learning to live from my newly emancipated spiritual heart. I sense her in every moment, and she is reorienting my life. She makes micro-adjustments as I speak to people or go about my daily activities. She calls me to take a step back at every juncture and learn from her. She sees through the eye of the Soul and hears the voice of truth and is always conveying what she knows to me. When I am informed by her, I take actions that elevate my life to greater Soul alignment. Without the overlay of the past, she is crystal clear, and her transmissions to me are immediate. She is always opening the space for intimacy and magic. She is the gift I have given myself through my long-term dedication to my healing journey. And what a gift she is.

The spiritual heart is the externalization of the Soul and the instrument through which we return to our Souls. It exists on the metaphysical plane of reality. As we heal, we localize our consciousness on this plane of existence. It is the plane of pure consciousness. I am learning to channel this transcendent state of being into my daily life. I am unreasonably happy and I am treasuring the peace I have attained.

I spent several hours in meditation to prepare for writing today’s newsletter. During the meditation and as I write, I am in a transformative process. My subtle energy system and physical structure of my body are shifting to accommodate the emergence of my spiritual heart as myself. I am changing by the minute. I am already different from when I began writing. The externalization of my Soul is happening quickly now. It is a tangible process whereby I sense myself being ‘possessed’ by my Soul. We are three and half weeks away from Summer Solstice and the season of Externalization. I am experiencing a precursor of what is on the horizon this summer for us all.

Next Friday, June 5, is Saga Dawa Duchen; a 10 Million Multiplier on which we celebrate the Buddha’s enlightenment and parinirvana. On this day, I will issue Module VI of the Sacred Feminine Path for Accelerated Spiritual Growth®, including a video-recorded spiritual activation and a message from the Ascended Masters. I am certain this module will prepare us to experience the full potential of this Nature year through the greater externalization of our Souls through the course of the summer.

Besides a 10 Million Multiplier, there is also a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 3:12 ET on June 5th. According to Susan Miller, “A lunar eclipse is a full moon on steroids… and usually marks endings or culmination points.”

Eclipses are dramatic “wild cards” in our horoscopes. They are some of the most dramatic tools that the universe uses to get us to pay attention to areas in our lives that need to change. They uproot us, surprise us, and get us moving. They shake us out of our feelings of complacency so we can move from one level of maturity to another, to a higher plane, and they work very rapidly. Eclipses want us to change, and change we do!

~ From Susan Miller, All About Eclipses: A Guide for Coping with Them

This week’s practice is the last one before the 10 Million Multiplier as I will not be publishing a Wisdom Wednesday newsletter next week. It is an important practice because it will prepare you for the major shift you will experience on the 10 Million Multiplier through the Ascended Masters’ activation and message.

Last week, the Ascended Masters guided you to develop greater metaphysical authority by taking a specific and significant step in your life. This work is not yet complete.

Did you take a step toward greater metaphysical authority?

Did you fully transcend the fear the step evoked?

Is there a follow-up or additional step to take? For support in getting clear about the correct step to take this week and/or to complete the healing of the fear associated with this step, run the energies of the Aquarian Triangle for Metaphysical Authority™ as described in the video below.

Do this for a few minutes every day until your guidance is unmistakable and you have fully transcended the fear the step evoked.

Then follow your guidance. 

Celebrate your completion.

Wednesday Poem

All Love All Ways,

Dr. Nataleah

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