You are probably wondering about the Autumnal Equinox message and Module I of the Sacred Feminine Program for Accelerated Spiritual Growth®.

I sat in front of the camera on September 19th to record it. I started twice and each time I realized that I wasn’t sailing into the higher currents of energy offered by the Ascended Master who over lights the program. “What’s happening?” I asked.

If you took part in last year’s program, you may recall that I have been working to unearth a trauma from age 10. I started that work on July 28. I had a revelation of the trauma on August 4th. It was shocking, and the last place I thought my healing journey would take me. I wrote the following day’s Wisdom Wednesday, sharing the August 4th experience and what it stirred in me. I couldn’t bring myself to publish it. What if I was fabricating? And even if I wasn’t, I didn’t feel ready to share what had come up. I kept doing my daily healing; following my guidance to move forward to the discovery of the truth or verification of what I had already received.

It was only when I sat in front of the camera to record the Autumnal Equinox message that I discovered the trauma was blocking my channel. Because I had the theme of the Nature year and a sense of where the message was going before turning on the camera, I hadn’t suspected what would happen. On Sunday, September 20th, I started an all-out healing intensive with the goal of getting you the Autumnal Equinox message ASAP. I have never been through a process like the one I am experiencing. The dissociation corresponding with this trauma, and the related behavioral and thought patterns I developed as a result of it, created extreme imbalances in my energy system and physical body. As I work my way through the dissociation and its manifestations, I am undergoing daily shifts in my cranial system, sometimes painful ones, and many adjustments on my feet.

On October 1, I had a profound dream which I believe was the memory of the trauma. It confirmed my impression from early in August. My Tantra practice prior to this was grueling. I felt as though I was attempting to break down a locked door with no success. Since the dream, my Tantra practice has become easier and lighter. Yesterday, I reached some feelings and heard, “The floodgates are about to open.”

The truth is always in our hearts.

This is the level of experience we require for knowing

if revelations are accurate and for integrating them.

This healing intensive is the kick-off to the New Year for me, and I have some painful days ahead. 

We always find beautiful jewels in the sunken treasure of our hearts. 

Each jewel is worth the effort of its retrieval.

Meanwhile, without my channel, I am limited in my work. Mars is retrograde and I am an Aries, so a slowdown in my life is not surprising. While my outer life may have slowed, I carry on with my inner work at full steam.

Since I don’t know when I will have access to my channel, I am announcing the theme of the New Year in this email:

Last Autumnal Equinox, none of us knew what the Year of Complete Surrender held. On October 31, 2019, Spirit guided me to start a daily Tantra practice and commit to it for one year. That practice called me to so many moments of surrender as I entered the mystery of a new form and level of healing. COVID-19 catalyzed another level of surrender in all our lives and led us to pivot and relaunch La Vie de la Rose. On a personal level, being quarantined supported the extensive inner work my Soul called me to do since last March.

So, while we can muse about the year ahead, contemplate the Daring Explorations in our future, we will only know what this year holds for us as it unfolds.

I encourage you to sit with the theme of this New Year. Notice what comes up for you. If you sense any fear, embrace it as a portent of the positive, growthful changes that lie ahead.

Make a commitment to actualize the full spiritual potential of the Nature year. Consider writing a Declaration of Commitment to your Soul and say it out loud (maybe daily).

Wednesday Poem

All Love All Ways

Dr. Nataleah

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