I Have Come Out!

Updated: May 14, 2020

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This is my first week on the other side of my old ring-pass-not and I am in unknown territory. I am not who I used to be and I don’t know my new self yet. This self is pushing through my old structures, like a beautiful flower growing through a bed of weeds. I am learning to step back and allow her to reveal herself. To do this, I have to slow down my responses. Our automatic responses are hard-wired in our neurophysiology. This is one of the primary reasons it is so difficult for humans to change.

I have noticed some effects of the Aquarian Triangle for Metaphysical Authority™, which was the midwife to the birth of my new self. I have more empowered responses in the face of people attempting to exert power over me. I dreamt that I walked fearlessly among lions. I also called my brother John who is the only member of my family with whom I have contact. I told him that I haven’t returned my mother’s recent birthday calls (her first calls in years) because I wasn't willing to fake it anymore. My father’s sexual abuse of me has been a taboo subject since I told my mother and brothers about it thirty years ago. When I came out, everyone denied it. John told me my father went to a local police station after that to say he was being falsely accused of sexually abusing me. Can you believe it? John did not know that the police had already charged my father with sexual offenses involving girls on two occasions. I spoke my truth and John responded with compassion. “I am sorry you had to endure this suffering. Let me know how I can support you.”

The last picture of me before my inner self shattered was at my 15th and John’s 3rd birthdays (our birthdays are two days apart). It is fitting that in this first week after healing my 15-year-old self, I reached out to him.

I am in a death-rebirth process unlike anything I have experienced. In the days after going through the Aquarian Triangle for Metaphysical Authority™ and the night before completing my passage through my old ring-pass-not, I dreamt that a large statue of Jesus on the cross flew through the air and landed at my feet. Archetypally, I am going through a crucifixion, resurrection, ascension process. Everything in my life is changing along with me. I am in a maturation process to more intimate relationships with everyone in my life. As a result of COVID-19, La Vie de la Rose is in a major transformation as well. Interestingly, we have been unknowingly preparing to pivot because of the foresight of the Ascended Masters. They have mastered projected vision. With our Was scepter in hand (from the new Aquarian Triangle™), we are developing this skill too. Using my projected vision now, I sense that a year from now my life will be virtually unrecognizable.

I am ready for a new me and a new life. I am ready to be free of my personal story and to live a more transpersonal life. My only purpose is to complete the work of the Ascended Masters for humanity. I am not saying I have finished my personal work because that is lifelong. I anticipate the dawning of a new spiritual path for me. Yes, it includes Tantra because it is the practice that keeps me at one with the deepest rhythms of my being, that nurtures and sustains me. Other than one intense practice this week, I have done short practices so I can recover from the intense healing work I have been doing. Even so, just touching in so intimately with myself always evokes self-honoring, self-love, and self-reverence.

Come out!

The Ascended Masters are guiding you to share a truth about you or your life that you have either kept secret or just stayed quiet about as a pathway to expanded metaphysical authority. (As I write this, I realized the connection between my healing of my fear of the truth, activated by the Aquarian Triangle for Metaphysical Authority™, and my decision to call my brother to talk to him about the truth of my experience in our family.)

Connect the fear activated for healing through your experience of the Aquarian Triangle for Metaphysical Authority™ with your act of power. If you haven’t identified the fear yet, listen to last week’s recording again or run the energies of the Triangle until you do.

Practice greater transparency from now on. This is our new spiritual practice.

Wednesday Poem

All Love All Ways,

Dr. Nataleah

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