Healing the Mistrust of the Feminine

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In the last issue of Wisdom Wednesday, I mused about a life free of my past and what the work of Phase III of my year-long daily Tantra practice might hold. Then I brought through the Aquarian Triangle for Unleashing the Feminine Spirit™ and the work of healing began anew. The peak of one mountain is the valley of the next. So far, this new Aquarian Triangle™ has brought up three traumas for healing that have a theme of jealousy:

  • A past life in which I was a Vedic scholar challenged by jealous Buddhist scholars to jump off a mountaintop to prove the veracity of the Vedas. To keep my honor, I jumped off the mountaintop. I suffered one injury: the loss of sight in my left eye. Because of this perceived failure, I took my life through an honorable suicide.

  •  A devastating betrayal of a colleague, friend and sister

  • And now, a past life as a favored consort to an emperor in ancient China with whom I had a passionate love affair. Many years passed when a teenage woman became the highest ranking consort. Her jealousy of the emperor’s relationship with me and my many talents led her to manipulate and seduce the emperor to have me exiled and imprisoned. When the emperor fled the city because of a rebellion, he left me behind to die.

The history of competition among women for men and the ancient system of men of power having multiple wives and/or consorts and concubines have wounded all women throughout history. In ancient China, there was an elaborate caste system for women in the emperor’s court. The Aquarian Triangle for Unleashing the Feminine Spirit™ activates us for healing one or more memories of jealousy and competition involving women and powerful men. This healing will liberate us to live up to our potential and fulfill our Soul contracts.

We are only trustworthy for other women when we heal our jealousy of women. We will only trust other women when we heal the wound caused by women’s jealousy of us.Healing jealousy is how we restore our trust in one another. Separation between women gives patriarchy power. Unity among women takes power away from patriarchy.When we restore the sacred trust of the feminine, we will support each other to elevate and be free. Without this support, it’s a much tougher journey for us, and we delay the change we are here to create.

Watch the video of the Aquarian Triangle for Unleashing the Feminine Spirit™.

Run the energies of this Aquarian Triangle™ daily and be sure to use the eye activations described in the video. Do this intending to heal a past life in which you experienced jealousy of another woman/women or vice versa.

When you journal this week, allow your subconscious to be the writer and see what emerges. What’s key here are the feelings you evoke by writing. And dedicate your Tantra practice to this healing too.

I recommend you work with The Trauma Recovery Solutions as well. When you take them, morning and evening, focus on the memory you are healing even if you are unaware of it.

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All Love All Ways,

Dr Nataleah

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