Healing the Misogyny of Scapegoating Women

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Last week, I wrote to update you on the progress of my externalization of the blueprint for Module VII of the Sacred Feminine Program for Accelerated Spiritual Growth®. As I mentioned at that time, the heart of Module VII is a new Aquarian Triangle (A.T.), which I have been working to birth and anchor for three weeks now. This A.T. brought up a past life for healing in which I was stoned for adultery about 4000 years ago. 

This week, I worked with the points of this A.T. which have now been fully revealed to me. They came alive for me as I merged with the spirit of each symbol. Layer upon layer of the wound from the past life emerged for healing. As I dug deeper, I discovered the monumental pain borne of the exoneration of my lover for his part in our affair. He accused me of bewitching him, i.e., seduction, which was not true. Women of that time wouldn’t dare seduce a man; and everyone knew this. The community used me as a scapegoat to save a prominent man. I went to my death carrying the force of their projected anger, guilt, and shame. In my writing, I explored how societies have used women as scapegoats throughout history (think of Eve and the Fall from Grace). Scapegoating women is a painful form of misogyny that still happens today. Our experiences of being scapegoated over many lifetimes have left a deep imprint of disempowerment in our heart centers.

My personal exploration of being scapegoated included looking at the clients who turned on me when they were unwilling to face what came up for healing in our work together or take the empowered actions being dictated by their Souls. At this point of resistance, people are usually recalcitrant. Often, I chose silence, honoring their free will and letting them go. Sometimes, they continued their attacks behind my back, and even then; I usually stayed silent.

I am questioning whether it's time to explore new strategies of response to the ego/personality. Two recent incidents brought this question to mind: an email I received that was off-putting and a social media comment that was untoward. Today, as I continue to heal the Stoned Woman, I wonder if I want to speak up more often. I always communicate consciously and seek to create unity where possible. I choose silence when my words would add fuel to the fire of someone’s ego/personality. I ask myself, “Does that silence come at a cost? Does it diminish my selfhood? Or is it a mature response to immature people?” Every situation calls for a different response, and I am not through the healing yet. Let’s see how the empowered Stoned Woman transforms me. Perhaps she will pick up the stones thrown at her and throw them back.

1.Visualize the stoned woman, the hanging woman, the burning woman within your heart center. Imagine coming to her rescue: Get the stones off her, cut her down from the noose, throw water on the fire.

2.Sit and talk with her: what are the projections of others that led to her death. Let them emerge from your subconscious. Write them on a piece of paper. Every time you write one of them, imagine you are withdrawing them from your consciousness. Forgive yourself if you introjected the judgments and made them true for yourself. Then take that paper and do a purification ceremony, e.g., burn or bury the paper, flush it down the toilet.

3.Meet me in Spirit during dreamtime. Let us be together in ceremony as a group through which we empower the most disempowered aspects of the Sacred Feminine within us.Let us activate the voice of the women of our past who others scapegoated: a voice of truth, of compassion, and of uncompromising self-worth.

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All Love All Ways,

Dr. Nataleah

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