Heal the Spiritual Wound of Your Womanhood

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

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In the January 22ndissue of Wisdom Wednesday, I mentioned that the Ascended Masters had given me a specific Tantra practice to reset my sexuality. This past week, they gave me what I am calling phase two of the process and instructed me to use the new process in its entirety as my form of self-pleasuring from now on. Over the week, it became clear to me that this process is perhaps the most profound healing support I have been given to date. Two traumas surfaced. The first occurred during my first sexual encounter with my partner, Jonathan, when I had a flashback to childhood sexual abuse that included a very intense emotional response. The second was a past life with my father in which he was a priest and I was a 15-year-old prostitute whom he visited frequently. Ultimately, to protect his reputation, he accused me of being a witch. Subsequently, I was burned at the stake. This was during the burning times when many women suffered a similar fate. You were probably one of them.

I identified and began healing the past life on Sunday and continued this work on Monday. Each time I used the new Tantra process. Today (I am writing this on Tuesday), I was guided to work with phase two of the new Tantra process for a prolonged period of time. Over and over again, I wanted to stop. In fact, I did stop at one point, only to be sent back into the practice by the Ascended Masters with whom I work. I moved through layer upon layer of subconscious resistance to doing this healing with the assurance that I would eventually breakthrough to the deeply repressed feelings. I have previously healed burnings and other forms of persecution throughout my long healing journey. I have a high tolerance for painful feelings and sensations associated with healing. However, this healing was more difficult than that of previous persecutions because of the depth at which this process works. The release was challenging, particularly because of the visceral aspect of this memory, i.e., the flames hitting my feet and moving up my legs. 

I heard the cries of my past life self; the cries for strength, the cries for it to stop, and at the end, the repeated declaration that there is no God. Atheism is an element of every heart because of our long history of suffering. Atheism is clearly a block to our Ascension because it erodes our motivation to reunite with our Divine Self, the Soul. Atheism is one of the major reasons, albeit unconscious, that people on the spiritual path derail. I have had a lot of tension in my feet and lower legs over the past year and have been working physically to address this. I am certain that this burning and others are the metaphysical causation of these symptoms. What is not healed in our consciousness will ultimately express in our physical bodies. 

Every woman is deeply affected by the persecution she has experienced for being a woman. Womanhood has been deemed a crime punishable by the most extreme measures over and over again throughout history. No wonder women universally struggle with authenticity. We have been silenced and caused to fear being a woman, being ourselves. This is how the Sacred Feminine has been lost to our awareness as a species. Now, through our Tantra-based healing, we are rediscovering the Sacred Feminine and her ways. There is so much hidden potential within every woman – unimaginable gifts and talents that have been suppressed through time. There is a great deal of work for us all to do to access and express this potential. This is the focus of our healing now. 

I know that one day I will share the new Tantra process with you. When? When the entire process has been fully revealed to me and I have had enough experience with it to convey the process to you with full understanding and complete direction. I suspect that this will take some time. 

Ceremony to Heal the Spiritual Wound of Your Womanhood Based in the Persecution of the Feminine

State: I AM NOW SUMMONING all of the female Ascended Masters to join me in a Ceremony to Heal the Spiritual Wound of My Womanhood based in the Persecution of the Feminine.  Sense these Ascended Masters as they form a circle around you. 

State: I AM NOW EVOKING your support for my healing of the spiritual wound resulting from lifetimes of persecution for being a woman.  Receive the image of a symbol from the Ascended Masters that represents your history of persecution as a woman.  (The symbol I received was a pyre.) 

Register this symbol at the heart-center level. Take time to feel what this symbol evokes. Name the feelings. (I felt fear and inhibition in response to the pyre.)

Identify the antidote to the feelings evoked by the symbol of your persecution as a woman. (Spontaneous Soul expression came to me as the antidote to the feelings of fear and inhibition.)

Receive the image of a symbol from the Ascended Masters that represents the antidote to your feelings relating to your experience of persecution as a woman. (The symbol I received was a red cardinal.)

Imagine becoming your symbol and that through this becoming, you activate the antidote to your feelings relating to your experience of persecution as a woman. (I imagine I am a red cardinal and through this imagining I activate spontaneous Soul expression.) Spend time in this experience. 

Do the last step repeatedly throughout the day for as many days as is required for you to achieve a sense of completion. 

Wednesday Poem

All Love All Ways,

Dr. Nataleah

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