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Updated: Feb 20, 2020

Wisdom Wednesday is a newsletter in which I am sharing my spiritual experience and expertise relevant to this Nature Year – the Year of Complete Surrender (September 23, 2019 – September 22, 2020).

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I am convinced that our sexual wounding as women is

the root cause of our experience of separation

from our Souls and that through our sexuality we will find our way home to our Souls. 

I am ebullient this morning having  just completed my two-month journey into the heart of my past life self – the woman who rose to great prominence in the Catholic Church in the guise of a man. This journey of healing brought me to the core of the wound of religion for women – a wound we all share because of our experiences in our past lives and more than likely in this one as well. 

I am convinced that our sexual wounding as women is the root cause of our experience of separation from our Souls and that through our sexuality we will find our way home to our Souls. My guidance team has made it clear that the only way the healing I have just accomplished could have transpired, and particularly at the depth at which I did this healing, is through a personal Tantra practice within the context of internalized, sacred sexuality. 

For a woman to spiritually heal her sexual wounds with the goal of karmic completion and Ascension, a regular personal Tantra practice is required. I have a three-month integration period for the healing I have just completed. My guidance team has advised me that during this timeframe I will undergo spiritual detoxification. Interestingly, over the weekend, I was guided to completely change out my supplement regimen with a focus on support for my endocrine system. I started this regimen yesterday – the same day I completed my healing process. This change in supplements will support my physical body to accommodate the spiritual changes that are underway.

In the meantime, my sexuality is transforming. The Ascended Masters have given me a Tantra practice that is resetting my sexuality. After only a few days, I have experienced the energetic and spiritual effects of this process. And, I have been guided to step back from orgasms for now. I know things are in flux for me at every level and I have moved into a state of Complete Surrender.

I am in the mystery of an experience that is being directed by the Ascended Masters. This is for my benefit and the benefit of the women I serve, for I will ultimately share all I learn with you. It’s only on the edges of our experience that we expand into greater consciousness. The greater the leap we are taking, the more we have to make peace with the unknown and the unknowable. 

Bring yourself into a meditative state and just let go. Continue to relax your body and still your mind. When you are in the peace of your Soul, imagine travelling to the outskirts of your consciousness and the edges of your reality. Imagine standing at the boundary between the known and the unknown. Prepare to venture into the unknown. Feel what comes up and breath through it. Find the safety of your Soul and the faith in your inner compass. When you are ready, imagine floating into the unknown reaches of your Soul. Go as far out into the expanse of your Soul as you are able and stay there awhile. Adopt an attitude of Complete Surrender throughout the process.

Wednesday Poem:

All Love All Ways,

Dr. Nataleah

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