Elevate Your Consciousness Through Tantra-Generated Orgasms

Wisdom Wednesday is a newsletter in which I am sharing my spiritual experience and expertise relevant to this Nature Year – the Year of Complete Surrender (September 23, 2019 – September 22, 2020).

Through this newsletter, I offer you support on your journey of Compete Surrender. This newsletter is also a companion to the Sacred Feminine Program for Accelerated Spiritual Growth®.

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Spring is in the air and I am feeling a deep stirring in me just as I feel it within the Garden of Love. Something new is coming alive, yet for now it remains hidden underneath the snow-covered landscape of my consciousness. While I have a feeling of great expectancy in relation to spring’s arrival, spiritual unfoldment, like the cycles of Nature, have their own rhythms that we cannot consciously change or control, nor would we want to do so. The controlling dynamic of Nature and our Souls has an inherent intelligence that leads us gracefully to our destination each Nature year. Surrender is required at all times and in particular this year as we are in a profound process of discovery and transformation. What are we discovering? We will only know in spring, the season of revelation. For now, we remain in the incubator of the Soul.

Over this past week, I completed phase one of my year-long Tantra journey and entered the next phase. More than ever, I feel myself in unknown territory. I am on the edge of a road that is being created as I take each step. As I take each step, I am aware that there is nowhere to place my leading foot; yet, I trust that when my foot hits the ground there will actually be ground beneath me. I am feeling fearless in this process because I truly have learned to trust myself and the Universe. I know I am in the most profound process of my life.  The transformation underway is reflected in my orgasmic experiences. Everything is changing, the sensations I experience, how I achieve an orgasm, what they feel like, and what they accomplish on the various levels of my being. I know better than to jump ahead with anticipation.

I entered today’s practice in a state of joy and played a random selection of ‘joyful piano music’. When I had my orgasm, I was in a state of euphoria even though I didn’t have a rock-my-world orgasm. From where were these feelings of euphoria sourced? They were not sourced from the physicality of the orgasm rather they arose from the deepening Soul contact I am now experiencing in my Tantra practice. The purpose of our human journey is to return to our Souls and this is the purpose served by a Tantric-generated orgasm – it is an elevator to the Soul. After each orgasm, we find ourselves on a higher rung of the ladder of consciousness.Tantra-generated orgasms have the potential to create great leaps in consciousness and regular Tantra supports us to maintain the new, more expanded consciousness we achieve during orgasm. The higher we ascend through our Tantra-generated orgasms, the deeper we are able to go within our heart centers. The deeper we go within our heart centers during Tantra, the higher we ascend on the ladder of consciousness through our Tantra-generated orgasms. Living a Tantra-based life is intense. We have to be truly committed to our Ascension to carry on, especially day-after-day, in spite of the intensity.

“Part insane, part courageous are those who seek the light. It is not a reasoned act. It is an act of passionate desperation to know the Soul.”

- Nataleah Rose Schotte, "Insanity: Prerequisite to Enlightenment" in Poems from the Garden of Love

What else compares to this journey of Accelerated Spiritual Growth® based in Tantra? Once you surrender to it, you cannot imagine living your life any other way.  As I write this, I hear the first chirping of the birds in the nest outside my office window, reminding us that new life is around the corner. We commit to the challenging work inherent in our Tantra practice because we know that it is the incubator of our Souls and that when the time is right, we will be ready to emerge as our new Selves, spread our wings and fly into the clear, blue skies of expanded consciousness. This year our wingspan will be greater than ever, supporting us to reach new heights. The view is sure to be breathtaking!

This week you are being offered a Ceremony for Commitment to your Ascension. To prepare for your ceremony, intuitively choose 1) a physical symbol for your commitment to your Ascension and 2) a physical symbol for your resistance to completely surrendering to your path of Ascension.


Choose a place for your ceremony that has spiritual significance for you. It can be in Nature, your home, or anywhere else you like. Find a time when you are free to be with yourself for as long as you desire.

First, take the symbol for your resistance and sit with it in your hands or in front of you, depending on its size. Meditate on it. What message does this symbol have for you? Embrace its message. Embrace your resistance as a friend rather than an enemy. Talk to it. How can it assist you to progress spiritually rather than impede you? What is its call for healing? When you feel complete with the step above, take the symbol of your commitment into your hands or place it before you. Using the power of intention, merge your consciousness with this symbol. Become one with this symbol. Use it to energize, fortify and solidify your Commitment to Ascend. Feel your Will to Transcend become a force so strong you are unstoppable.  When you are complete, say a declaration of Commitment to your path of Ascension – to your Soul. Write or record it, so you can have it to inspire you in the future. And if you feel drawn, end your ceremony by reading the poem below.

Wednesday Poem

All Love All Ways,

Dr. Nataleah

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