Calling All Orgasmic Women

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

Wisdom Wednesday is a newsletter in which I am sharing my spiritual experience and expertise relevant to this Nature Year – the Year of Complete Surrender (September 23, 2019 – September 22, 2020).

Through this newsletter, I offer you support on your journey of Compete Surrender. This newsletter is also a companion to the Sacred Feminine Program for Accelerated Spiritual Growth®.

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The ways of the Goddess are heartfelt, powerful and transforming. What is your inner Goddess - your Soul Self - calling you to right now? What can you do to elevate, expand and transcend?

Last night, I was about to do a spiritual practice that is a regular part of my life and at the same time I had such a longing to edit my poetry book, Poems from the Garden of Love, which we are planning to reprint later this fall. I decided to do the editing and oh what an ecstatic time I had.

In the new paradigm of spiritual growth, we are called to whatever spiritual practice creates the greatest activation in the moment. One day we might meditate, another do yoga, another walk in the woods, or paint, or like me, write poetry. 

A number of years ago, I decided to incorporate a particular form of yoga into my life. I was initiated in this lineage and began an hour-long daily meditation/yoga practice for level one initiates. Four years later, I went to a retreat for my second level initiation. 

I soon discovered that this form of yoga, as it was taught and practiced today, was old paradigm. We had to cover our arms, which I didn’t know. My exposed arms caused one woman to become completely enraged. How I had disrespected the deceased guru!

After this a number of people confided to me “She’s just like that. Don’t mind her.” I replied “She was abusive!” “Yes, we know. We just let her be.” 

Collusion with the oppressor, codependency! No wonder everyone seemed so suppressed to me. It was clear that no healing was happening. 

Then I touched the yogi’s arm. Everyone became silent. I thought I offended the yogi because I didn’t accept the plate of cooked food he offered me, explaining as I touched his arm that I was on a raw diet. A woman broke the silence by whispering “The women here don’t touch the yogi as it might awaken his sexual energy.” 

I had to ask myself, as a posterchild for the new paradigm of spiritual growth, why I had gotten involved with this yoga anyway. One: I have had many lifetimes of yoga, had been doing yoga since I was 25 and really resonated with the masters who are at the heart of the lineage. Two: it did powerfully reconnect me with those masters with whom I work regularly to this day. Three: this experience clarified some of the stark differences between the new and old paradigms of spiritual growth. 

I came home from the retreat and did a personal tantra practice. I knew this would cut the cord with the ashram and break me free of the cloud of sexual suppression I carried with me from this experience. A good orgasm assisted me to reawaken the Goddess within!!! This was a turning point for me. I let go of my daily yoga/meditation practice (though still maintaining my connection to and love of the yogic masters that were at the heart of this lineage). This is when I truly embraced the new paradigm of spiritual growth with its call to moment-to-moment Soul direction. I began tuning in daily to what served me spiritually. There were days I would do hours of inner work, healing trauma, and actually feel a twinge of guilt because I wasn’t meditating or doing yoga. That guilt is long gone. Now I trust myself and know that when I surrender to the impulses of my Soul, I am enlivened and elevated.

One of the most powerful spiritual practices for women today is personal tantra. Yes, masterbating for ascension.

The Goddess’s ways are very different from the ways of the Sacred Masculine, and they are the ways that most serve women now.

Your Wednesday Practice

  1. Create some me time

  2. Prepare yourself for your eternal lover - your Soul

  3. Have a bath, light candles, put some nice cream on

  4. Adorn your body as the Goddess you are

  5. Make love with your Self - really love yourself

  6. Do not be concerned about whether you orgasm

  7. Find pleasure in exploration

  8. There are no rules - experiment and just see what happens

This is your new spiritual practice. Do it whenever it feels right to you. 

This spiritual practice will liberate you from the old paradigm of spiritual growth and move you into ecstatic existence. 

Your Wednesday Prayer

For this week's prayer, I offer you the first four lines of the Sacred Incantation for our new flower essence - Redemption! I encourage you to say it before your next tantra practice. 

Redemption is part of the Orgasmic Woman Solutions that I created for La Vie de la Rose. Shop the set HERE

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