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Updated: Feb 20, 2020

Wisdom Wednesday is a newsletter in which I am sharing my spiritual experience and expertise relevant to this Nature Year – the Year of Complete Surrender (September 23, 2019 – September 22, 2020).

Through this newsletter, I offer you support on your journey of Compete Surrender. This newsletter is also a companion to the Sacred Feminine Program for Accelerated Spiritual Growth®.

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Are you ready to join me in a REVOLUTION of spiritual liberation?

I have had quite a week. Tomorrow, Thursday, November 14, 2019 will be two weeks of committed personal tantra. I began this journey of sexuality and spirituality on the Goddess New Year. How perfect! It has been an exhilarating two weeks. I am on fire with creativity and my whole life has aligned around my highest Soul expression.  

Many of you know my story of extreme childhood sexual abuse by multiple offenders, including my father and a serial rapist. In fact, when I was 33, after five years of psychotherapy and a variety of other healing modalities, my therapist told me that she wasn’t sure anyone could heal from so much child abuse. I was unwilling to accept a lifetime of limitation and called on the Ascended Masters. “Teach me to heal and I will teach the world what you teach me.” That is when I became a pioneer in my own life. The result, all these decades later: The Sacred Feminine Path for Accelerated Spiritual Growth®. Internalized Sexuality™ with its focus on a spiritual practice of self-pleasuring is an integral aspect of this path.

Here is a short clip (less than three minutes) in which I discuss what Internalized Sexuality™ means, its significance in women’s healing and some of the other gifts it offers you. I really encourage you to tune in. 

In so many places around the world, women are not allowed to masturbate or feel too much shame and fear to do so. This is the way that patriarchal societies ensure that control remains in the hands of men. By preventing women from self-pleasuring, the great power of the Sacred Feminine remains suppressed; men and the wounded masculine continue to dominate.

When taken from a broader global and historical perspective, when viewed against the backdrop of many of our personal histories, women’s sexual pleasure is revolutionary. Self-pleasuring is even more so. And, self-pleasuring as a practice for Accelerated Spiritual Growth® is ground-breaking. 

In Volume 1 of this Newsletter, which will continue throughout this Nature Year, The Year of Complete Surrender, we will explore Internalized Sexuality™ as a sacred spiritual practice to elevate our consciousness to new heights and transform our lives in beautiful, creative ways…at an unprecedented rate. I encourage you to join me for this self-pleasuring journey. Give yourself this great gift with its unimaginable offerings yet to be revealed. 

  1. Contemplate the ways in which you are still feeling the heavy hand of patriarchy in your life.

  2. Then dedicate a self-pleasuring practice to your liberation from whatever you have identified. 

  3. Approach your practice with reverence and bring the sacred into your experience. 

  4. Give yourself permission to fully express your pleasure through sound. Listen to your own song (whether or not you have an orgasm).

The sound of our pleasure as it arises from a spiritual practice of self-loving is the most powerful form of sound therapy on Earth!!!!

Your Wednesday Prayer

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