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Wisdom Wednesday is a newsletter in which I am sharing my spiritual experience and expertise relevant to this Nature Year – the Year of Complete Surrender (September 23, 2019 – September 22, 2020).

Through this newsletter, I offer you support on your journey of Compete Surrender. This newsletter is also a companion to the Sacred Feminine Program for Accelerated Spiritual Growth®.

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If you have adopted a regular Tantra practice (three or more times a week), then I have good news for you! If you haven’t yet done so, perhaps this news will inspire you to get started. The degree of spiritual transformation available to us through The Sacred Feminine Program for Accelerated Spiritual Growth® during the current Nature year, the Year of Complete Surrender, is unprecedented. It is truly a gift from the Ascended Masters. Because of what we are accomplishing spiritually and how fast we are accomplishing it; we are eligible for new Soul contracts.

The Ascended Masters have told me that our Soul contracts were created prior to our conception by specific members of a group of Ascended Masters known as the Incarnational Governing Team for Humanity. The content of our Soul contracts are based on these Masters' assessments of what is next for us from the perspective of our Souls. These Ascended Masters have been working to support the incarnational evolutionary progression of our Souls since they first extended into human form. Our Soul contracts support our spiritual growth and have the goal, each lifetime, of moving us ever closer to our Ascension. They have two components – our spiritual healing as a process for karmic resolution and our higher purpose as an expression of love and service. With the degree of Accelerated Spiritual Growth® we are experiencing through our regular Tantra practice, along with all the supportive activations, meditations, etc., we can accomplish more in this incarnation than we originally set out to do. Therefore, we are being offered a new Soul contract. If we accept this offer, we will be given greater opportunity for spiritual healing and an expanded higher purpose as well. If you are not yet engaged in a higher purpose in your daily life, then this will surely speed up the manifestation of the transformation of your work. If you are engaged in a higher purpose, it will be transformed in surprising ways that delight you. This is a major revelation of the spiritual blueprint that was created for us on the causal plane of existence at the Autumnal Equinox last September. So, even though we are still in the winter of incubation, spring – the season of revelation – is making itself known.

If you are now inspired to begin a regular Tantra practice, do the following ceremony when you are guided. It’s definitely not too late!

This process will take you just over one hour, so plan accordingly.

State: I now call forth the members of the Incarnational Governing Team for Humanity who are responsible for the Soul contracts pertaining to my Soul’s evolutionary progression in form.

Sit in the presence of these Ascended Masters for a few minutes, attuning to the expanded energy field.

State: I humbly and with deep gratitude accept the opportunity to receive a new Soul contract. I am committed to doing all I can in this incarnation in service to my Ascension and humanity. I understand the significance of my request. I know that with your agreement, my life will be transformed in unimaginable ways that bring me into greater Soul contact and alignment. I am willing to release the aspects of my current life that reflect the Soul contract I am choosing to relinquish. I am also willing to make the changes required to step into the new Soul contract. In doing so, I will demonstrate my detachment to external power and my faith in my Soul. I recognize that in due course I will be unrecognizable to my current self and yet, I will be more of my true self, my Soul. Again, I express how very grateful I am for this extraordinary opportunity to accelerate my Ascension.  Sit in meditation for 30 minutes as the Incarnational Governing Team for Humanity responds to your invocation. Your request guarantees that you will be granted a new Soul contract. The Team is creating it now. Your new contract is now ready for you to receive. It will be transmitted to you energetically over the next 30 minutes.  When you are complete, thank the Ascended Masters once again, and state: With gratitude, I now release the presence of the Incarnational Governing Team for Humanity.


Wednesday Poem

All Love All Ways,

Dr. Nataleah

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