A Special Activation for Self-Reverence

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

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How do we undo the past? How do we learn that our self-pleasuring is a portal to

our Holy Self, our Soul.

Over the last week, I continued to heal the wounded imprint from the past life which I wrote about in last week’s newsletter. In this past life, I was a woman with a great desire to learn and contribute to society in a place and at a time where girls were forbidden to have an education or play a public role. I chose to pretend to be a man so I could gain an education and fulfill my aspirations. When the true identity of my past life self was discovered, she was summarily murdered.

I am learning, once again, about the devaluation of the feminine first hand through my personal history. We all carry the story of this history through time within our heart centers. We all internalized the belief that women are lesser and that our sexuality is shameful. The effects of this wounding, which we have experienced time and time again, is pervasive.

I have been on a conscious healing path for 33 and a half years. I have been developing the Sacred Feminine Path for Accelerated Spiritual Growth® for about 20 years. I have experienced every activation and process in this system (often multiple times) and taken every available flower essence daily from the first day I made it. And, I am still facing and healing my long history on Earth. I have had very difficult lifetimes as a man, and, yet, it is my lifetimes as a woman with their sexual denigration and violation that have ultimately created the greatest challenges for me in this lifetime. 

The hidden shame we experience in relation to our sexuality will be triggered by self-pleasuring. It might express as judgment about self-pleasuring or resistance to doing it. It might express as a physical symptom. In my case, I am having a feeling of weakness in my right hand, my dominant hand, making it difficult for me to use it. And, the ‘o’ on the keyboard on my computer has stopped working. Is this just a co-incidence? What is the antidote to all of this shame? How do we undo the past? How do we learn that our self-pleasuring is a portal to our Holy Self, our Soul.

Every day during my tantra practice, I experience the reverence of my Soul. I am going deeper and deeper into the inner sanctuary of my Sacred Self through my self-loving. Self-reverence emerges organically through self-pleasuring and it is a powerful antidote to our history of womanhood. Self-reverence is the medicine that heals our shame. 

With Winter Solstice only weeks away, we are in the darkest time of the year. This is a beautiful time to go within to our Souls, supported by the stillness of Nature. As we do, we will feel the holiness of our Sacred Selves amplified by Nature’s quiet. We will experience the reverence towards ourselves that is evoked in the presence of our Souls.

To support you in deepening self-reverence, I am offering you an activation from a body of work I have brought through over the last 20 years called The Aquarian Science of Triangles®. This is the first time I have been guided to publicly share anything from this work!

1. Experience the Aquarian Triangle Activation for Self-Reverence™ in the video below. 

2. When you self-pleasure this week, do so with the intention of deepening your reverence towards yourself. 

3. Journal about what the activation and subsequent self-pleasuring brings up for you this week.

A Wednesday Poem

Have a beautiful Thanksgiving!

All Love All Ways

Dr. Nataleah Rose Schotte

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