About Dr. Nataleah 

Dr. Nataleah Rose Schotte is a pioneer and visionary in the fields of consciousness, spiritual growth, and spiritual healing. She is renowned for her work in assisting women to heal from sexual violation and other trauma. As the creator of Point of Origin Healing®, Spiritual Kinesiology® and various other bodies of work, she is at the frontier of the women’s healing and empowerment movement.

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L      ife-Long Dedication

Dr. Nataleah has logged thousands of counseling hours and has taught extensively throughout the United States, Canada, and China. Her compassionate nature, dedication, and mastery are an inspiration to audiences everywhere. For 30 years, she has devoted herself to supporting women to heal and unfold their highest potential – to be and do more than they ever dreamed possible.

Unique Expertise

Master Flower Essence Creator and Practitioner

Dr. Nataleah is the founder and president of La Vie de la Rose and creator of the La Vie de la Rose line of flower essences that are at the heart of the Sacred Feminine Path for Accelerated Spiritual Growth™. She has done extensive research for the past twenty years to create these flower essences, which are produced from enlightened blossoms grown in the Garden of Love. 

Pioneer in

Women’s Healing 

Dr. Nataleah has created an unprecedented system for supporting women to fulfill their Soulful aspirations, achieve spiritual liberation and work toward accelerated karmic liberation. Her metaphysical processes for healing the imprints of wounded experiences, including trauma, from both this and previous incarnations are integral to this system and are nothing short of revolutionary. 

Ascended Master Channel and Scribe

Dr. Nataleah is a highly developed intuitive and psychic. Twenty years ago, she was offered a contract by the Ascended Masters to bring through the Sacred Feminine Path for Accelerated Spiritual Growth™, including the La Vie de la Rose flower essences; new metaphysical concepts and teachings; and unique, unprecedented processes for Accelerated Spiritual Growth™. This work with the Masters continues to this day.