About Dr. Nataleah Rose Schotte 

Dr. Schotte is a rare individual. Having transcended suffering, she now lives in the freedom of the Soul. This accomplishment results from an accelerated spiritual growth trajectory catalyzed and supported through her direct contact with the Ascended Masters. Working with the Ascended Masters, she has birthed a unique and powerful philosophy and curriculum for quickening evolution of consciousness. Her work is an articulation of a new paradigm of spiritual growth, rooted in the Sacred Feminine and the new Aquarian dynamic of collective consciousness. 

The esoteric nature of her work, its originality, and its origin in the Higher Realms, places her in the lineage of the late Alice Bailey. Akin to Alice Bailey, she is a highly developed and trained spiritual intuitive. 

Dr. Schotte works closely with the Nature kingdom, cultivating flowers in her spiritual sanctuary in the United States from which she produces the La Vie de la Rose Flower Essences. These high frequency flower essences evolve enlightened consciousness at an accelerated pace.

Her understanding of the metaphysical healing and resolution of trauma is unprecedented and allows the spiritual aspirant to experience accelerated resolution of trauma. She teaches that karma results from unhealed trauma and unhealed trauma produces karma. Through her specialized trauma recovery processes and related flower essences, people experience accelerated karmic resolution. She is a true spiritual teacher, powerful spiritual healer, and way-shower of Ascension. 

She is also a mystical poet and writer. Her first volume of poetry Poems from the Garden of Love received rave reviews. She plans to publish the original work she has produced with the Ascended Masters since 2000 in multiples book in the decades ahead. 

Dr. Nataleah is a beacon of love. She embraces, uplifts, and transforms people through her transcendent consciousness and open-heart center. To be in her presence is to experience deep and profound healing. 

She has worked tirelessly on behalf of humanity in both the eastern and western hemispheres for decades, and is recognized throughout the world for her Self-mastery. 

Dr. Nataleah holds a Ph.D. in Spiritual/Therapeutic Counseling from The Open International University for Complementary Medicines and is an Ordained Minister through the International Council of Community Churches. She holds a Master of Industrial Relations degree from the University of Toronto. She is the founder (2006) and president of La Vie de la Rose Flower Essences.